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Angelina Jolie & Ava DuVernay could make this a historic year for female directors at Oscars
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Les Beehive – The Universal Mother and Her Sun King Marry in France

The fact that her and Brad Pitt were having filthy, insanely beautiful sex with each other was enough to short out my brain with the hotness of it all.   When they combined their perfect genes to make a baby, the entire world watched in awe.  The two of them could have easily been lulled into a rich-and-famous cocoon with their babies and their beauty and their money and their all access pass to everything the rich-and-famous could ever do.  They didn’t choose this life though.  Instead they took the world-wide gaze that was constantly, intensely on them and focused it on those who suffer, who have no voice, who no one sees.  They made helping those in need their main mission in their combined life, and have over the past decade raised (and personally donated) millions of dollars to people who have been abused and marginalized.  Her brave act of having a preventive double mastectomy has increased the genetic scanning for breast cancer 90 percent.  This is a couple, a family, that has saved lives, refocused our celebrity obsessed culture onto things that need attention, while also being a wonderful example of how to raise a family, celebrating differences, letting their children be who they want, keeping them grounded by not spoiling them, and showing that the bond of family is the strongest bond that could save us all.

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The Jolie-Pitts for People Magazine, 2008 & 2014

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